Figurine - Gypsum Cement Goddesses 3
Figurine - Gypsum Cement Goddesses 3 Cerridwen Goddess
Figurine - Gypsum Cement Goddesses 3 Tenderness Goddess
Figurine - Gypsum Cement Goddesses 3 Mary Magdalene
Figurine - Gypsum Cement Goddesses 3 Aine Goddess Of Love
Figurine - Gypsum Cement Goddesses 3 Yemaya Mother Goddess Of Oceans
Figurine - Gypsum Cement Goddesses 3 Flower Of Life
Figurine - Gypsum Cement Goddesses 3 Athena Owl Goddess
Figurine - Gypsum Cement Goddesses 3 Tiamat Dragon Goddess
Figurine - Gypsum Cement Goddesses 3 Divine Mother
Figurine - Gypsum Cement Goddesses 3 Morrigan Raven Goddess

Figurine - Gypsum Cement Goddesses - 3"

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Displayed are 10 of our ethereal and powerful Gypsum Cement Goddesses. These statues have an earth tone finish with a wash of golden paint and are made from natural gypsum that contains no harmful chemicals.

1. This Goddess holds the Flower of Life to represent the Sacred Geometry of the Universe. This symbol's interlocking circles remind us that everything is connected

2. The African mother Goddess of the oceans and seas, Yemaya, is made in white and hand painted with a blue star fish and golden seashells. She is an Orisha, a guiding spirit of the rivers sent to aid humanity.

3. Aine, a Celtic Goddess associated with the Sun, Moon, fertility and good luck, holds a stone heart in her arms and teaches us the meaning of love. She is also a Goddess of Sovereignty, urging us to embrace our own personal power.

4. Athena, the Greek Goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill sits with her sacred messenger of wisdom, the owl.

5. Cerridwen is a Welsh sorceress, a white witch with the power of Awen. She can brew life-altering potions, to change form, and to inspire knowledge and beauty in others. She is the keeper of the Cauldron of Knowledge. In this depiction she is mixing her powerful potion of transformation. 

6. Morrigan of Celtic & Druidic lore is a protector goddess and her animal counterpart is the Raven who could see into other worlds and bring back messages from the other side. She is adorned with a black feather, a Celtic cross, and a Raven in her lap.

7. The Divine Mother represents the true power of love, safety and transcendental consciousness. Serenity and calmness emanate from her as she cradles a semi-precious stone in her hands.

8. Tenderness surrounds the earth with a powerful blanket of warmth and love. She encourages and promotes kindness, gentle endeavors, and nurturing care of the planet's creatures. She embraces the world, a real gemstone, in her arms as tiny leaves and vines sprout from the base.

9. Mother Mary Magdalene is considered a manifestation of the Divine Feminine. She is our friend, our companion, and a great healer. With her we learn divine grace. She teaches us that the divine feminine must be redeemed in all of us, both woman and man, in order to reach full enlightenment and come back into a place of love. 

10. Tiamat is the ancient Goddess of creation and mother of Dragons. She teaches us to fight through the challenges in our lives and reminds us that order comes from chaos. She represents the Primordial Sea and the forces of life.

Which one calls to you?


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