Essential Oil Diffuser - 13Oz
Essential Oil Diffuser - 13oz
Essential Oil Diffuser - 13oz
Essential Oil Diffuser - 13oz

Essential Oil Diffuser - 13oz

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These 13 ounce Wood Grain look Portable Diffusers are easy-to-use and have an automatic shut-off feature when water runs out. The ultrasonic vibrations inside the diffuser generates a superfine mist. This creates bursts of delightful essential oils and natural fragrances that can be enjoyed throughout the day. Just add a few drops of essential oils to the inside of the diffusers, and watch your room transform into a serene, relaxing oasis! 

Essential oils, herbs, and incense have long been used in spiritual and healing practices to induce relaxation, grounding, and even a spiritual connection. Add a crystal (or a few) around your diffuser, or hold while meditating.  Below find a few amazing pairings as well as a guide to essential oils and what they can resonate with:

Crystal and Essential Oil Pairings

Amethyst & Lavender = Bliss, enlightenment, wisdom and can calm anxiety.

Lapis Lazuli & Rosemary = Intuition, imagination and can help with peace of mind.

Turquoise & Sage = Freedom, independence and self acceptance.

Rose Quartz & Jasmine = Love, harmony, joy and inner peace.

Guide to a few Essential Oils

Experience the holiness of Frankincense, a sacred essential oil renowned for its spiritual properties. Used for centuries in various cultures for healing, purification, and enlightenment, it empowers us to deepen our faith and connect with our higher selves.

Infused in the sacred anointing oils of ancient temples, the ingredient Myrrh boasts one of the highest levels of sesquiterpene in the essential oil world. A powerful eliminator of negative thoughts, this oil can help in reducing stress and promoting focus, while inducing a deep spiritual awakening and a sense of calm and tranquility.

For centuries, Sandalwood has been revered for its ability to soothe the mind, ease anxiety, and lessen signs of aging and skin inflammation. Its spiritual significance is believed to bring followers closer to the divine. Not only is it effective in healing emotional and spiritual wounds, but it also opens the heart and promotes trust. Grounding and calming, Sandalwood is a valuable aid in maintaining emotional and spiritual balance.

Experience the delicate and alluring scent of Neroli (also known as orange blossom). Let its floral aroma guide you towards self-acceptance, facing your fears, and embracing personal growth. Allow its unique fragrance to ignite your creativity and inspire a consistent spiritual routine.

Delicate and alluring, the scent of Rose embodies both human and divine love. Its essence awakens the heart to embrace self-love and forge a deeper bond with the spiritual realm.

Vetiver offers a deep sense of grounding, perfect for those who struggle with wandering thoughts and distractions during meditation.

Palo Santo, a relative of Frankincense, derives its name from the Spanish term "Holy Wood." Beloved by spiritual healers for centuries, this essential oil offers a grounding and calming effect, evoking feelings of tranquility and serenity.

The use of Cedarwood promotes inward contemplation and can effectively guide individuals towards their spiritual journey, even when faced with obstructive barriers.

Lavender is a multifaceted oil, known for its calming properties and ability to enhance sleep. With its wide variety of options, it is easily accessible and blends seamlessly with other oils.

Experience the uplifting and refreshing scent of Bergamot, with its subtle floral and citrus notes, known for its ability to improve emotional well-being and provide relief from sadness and grief.

Ylang Ylang is an incomparably soothing and tranquil oil, perfect for releasing anger and tension. It harmonizes seamlessly with patchouli and frankincense, creating a truly luxurious experience.

Sage, with its cleansing and purifying properties, has the ability to remove negative energies. Its grounding effects promote balance and replenish energy. 

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